Specialty coffee in a special place

Welcome to Charbonnages de Beeringen, Where Tradition and Quality Come Together

Located in the heart of Beringen, at the historic be-MINE mining site, you will find Charbonnages de Beeringen, your artisanal coffee roastery where every coffee bean tells a story. Our choice of be-MINE is no accident; it is a place where Belgium's rich industrial past and our passion for authentic coffee merge.

Our Philosophy: Authentic, Artisanal, Unique

At Charbonnages de Beeringen, we believe the best coffee comes from a blend of tradition and innovation. Inspired by the industrial grandeur of be-MINE, we have dedicated ourselves to artisanal coffee roasting. Each batch of coffee beans is roasted with care and precision, making the most of the unique flavours and aromas that characterise our coffee